How much could my family receive?


Families that qualify for P-EBT benefits will receive $308 dollars per child in benefits accounting for the duration of school closures.

What do I need to do to apply?


If you currently receive SNAP benefits, P-EBT benefits will also be credited to your Horizon card.  Other families will need to fill out a short application, and cards will be mailed out once they qualify.

 Where can I use P-EBT benefits?


P-EBT benefits can be used at any retailer that accepts EBT. Just like SNAP benefits, you spend P-EBT benefits by using your card at the register. P-EBT benefits can also be used for Double-UP benefits at participating Farmers’ Markets .

 Will P-EBT count as a public charge?


No. Using P-EBT will not affect your or your children's immigration status. The public charge test will not consider P-EBT benefits.


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If you don't receive SNAP Benefits:

Many families receiving P-EBT will be eligible, but must apply for SNAP separately

Apply for SNAP here